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The adventure continues ... and the date is set: November 23rd to 25th we're going to take your mind away into a weekend of thrill and excitement along with the fun of competitive play - directly in the heart of the old town of Celle and taking place in the three-stars InterCityHotel Celle!

Sponsor of GRAND PRIX 2007 Convention Sponsor of GRAND PRIX 2007 Convention

Convention Schedule

Friday, 11/23/2007
Time Tournament Format/rounds Entry fee
12:00 Registration
13:00 Random Affiliation Constructed 2E Constructed (4x 1h) 5 EUR
18:00 Break
19:00 Team Multiplayer Championship 2E Constructed (3x 1,5h) 10 EUR
23:30 Mercenary Sealed 2E Sealed (3x 0,75h) 10 EUR
Saturday, 11/24/2007
Time Tournament Format/rounds Entry fee
10:00 Registration
10:30 GRAND PRIX 2E Constructed (6x 1h)
plus 3 final rounds*
15 EUR
18:00 Break
19:00 2E Orbital Shift 2E Constructed (4x 1h) 5 EUR
19:00 1E Standard Constructed (optional) 1E X-list Constructed (4x 1h) 5 EUR
19:00 Grand Prix Finals (optional / only for finalists) Constructed (3x 1h) free
23:30 Dangerous Missions Draft 2E Draft (3x 0,75) 10 EUR
Sunday, 11/25/2007
Time Tournament Format/rounds Entry fee
10:30 Registration
11:00 2E Farpoint Draft 2E Draft (4x 1h) 15 EUR
11:00 1E Random Affiliation Constructed (optional) 1E Open Constructed (5x 1h) 15 EUR
17:30 STCCG AWARDS Ceremony

Tournament Rules

Random Affiliation Constructed
In this format each player will play an affiliation which will be given randomly at the time of the registration. That is why only pre-registerd players can participate. The only special rule is, that only the given HQ may be used. It is recommended to use Quarren Labor Shortage but that is not a must. Apart from this all the normal rules apply.
Team Multiplayer Championship
A team consists of two players and plays against another team in a 4-player-round. Team members sit together on one side on the table and are allowed to show each other their hand and drawn dilemmas to agree on tactics. Team members are not opponents when it comes to card effects. Unique events may not be played more than once on each player. To win a team must have 200 points and each member must have completed one planet and one space mission. Apart from this all the normal rules apply. This tournament will not be used for Decipher-ranking.
Mercenary Sealed
This sealed deck format will be explained in a separate article soon, it uses a starter and several boosters and won't be rated for the Decipher-ranking.
The Grand Prix is the main event of the convention which is named after it. While this event has been carried out annually since 2000, it has attracted over 100 different players and prizes with an aggregate value of several thousand Euros have been distributed. This year it will feature many prizes and a special prize for the winner again as TK-Agentur Yvonne Ferstl will sponsor a box of the brand new set What You Leave Behind!
Based on categories* and additional wildcards the players will enter the final rounds after six rounds of swiss constructed.

Final round 1:
Pairing 1 to 4 Top 2 of each category

Final round 2:
Pairing 1 Professional winner vs. Amateur winner
Paring 2 Experienced winner vs. Wildcard winner

Final round 3:
Paring 1 winner vs. paring 2 winner


  • up to 1650 points: Amateur
  • up to 1750 points: Experienced
  • 1751 points and above: Professional
  • Top 2 of total results: Wildcard
Decklists are mandatory, normal rules apply and the tournament's first six rounds are used for Decipher-rating.

Orbital Shift
All you need is a normal Second Edition constructed deck and something to keep your thrill under control. Each 15 minutes you will exchange places with your neighbour and continue to play his or her deck! This format won't be used for Decipher-rating.
1E Standard Constructed
Take your First Edition cards out of the box and play them again in a Standard Format tournament (using the X-List)! This tournament will apply to your 1E Decipher-rating.
Dangerous Missions Draft
Booster Draft is a sealed deck format which follows the draft rules: each player is handed one of the three Dangerous Missions fixpacks (please bring them yourself) and 4 boosters from various sets, which are used to draft (drafted cards from the boosters will be retained by the players). In groups of 3-5 players each player opens the first booster and chooses one card. After choosing the first card, the remaining cards out of the booster are given away clockwise. Again a card will be chosen and the booster-remains will be given away clockwise. This is repeated until the last card is chosen. This procedure will be repeated with the other boosters, but the second and fourth booster will be given away counter-clockwise. This format is very amusing at the end of a day. This tournament will be used for decipher-ranking sealed deck rating.
Farpoint Draft
Format is Farpoint draft which means you may enjoy the history of 2nd Edition by opening new packs every round to improve your drafted deck!

Each player receives the following material for drafting (starters are not drafted):

  • 1st game: 1 Starter Basic or CtA & each 1 Booster Basic, Energize & CtA
  • 2nd game: each 1 Reflections 2.0 & Strange New Worlds Booster
  • 3rd game: each 1 Booster To Boldly Go & Captain's Log
  • 4th game: each 1 Booster These Are the Voyages & In a Mirror, Darkly
Special rules apply, the tournament will be used for decipher-ranking sealed deck rating.

1E Random Affiliation Constructed
Still enjoying your 1st Edition cards? Bring them to play in an open format tournament where you can use all original and backwards-compatible cards (except for Raise the Stakes) - but this time with a twist! Finally you won't see all those similar 1E decks anymore as affiliations are distributed at random to each participant - so pre-registration is mandatory for this tournament.

The following special rules apply:

  • Personnel and ships must be of the selected affiliation for at least 75%. For this the background colour ist countings which means that a "blue" Chakotay doesn't count as Non-Aligned for the deck limit only. (Of course, you may still play and use him as a Non-Aligned personnel.)
  • Treaty cards and similar functions on cards like The Vidiian Sodality are not allowed to use!
Decklists are mandatory, normal rules apply and the tournament is used for Decipher-rating. As a special prize openCards will award an original Worf T-shirt and much more!

Entry Fee & Accommodation

Participation & accomodation
ConCard Includes all tournament starting fees (incl. draft material - please bring your own DM fixcards). 50 EUR
Single tickets If you want to book only (a) single tournament(s) the fees mentioned in the schedule apply.
Accommodation Accommodation with breakfast per night that you have to book directly at the hotel giving the keyword "Decipher" until 11/09/07: reservierung@celle.intercityhotel.de Single
68 EUR
78 EUR
day extra charge (without pre-registration)
ConCard The fee for the ConCard is 10 EUR higher (60 EUR).
Single Tickets The fee of single tickets increases by 20% to 6/12/18 EUR.
Accommodation Without pre-registration accommodation cannot be guaranteed.
Pre-Registration is possible up to the 16th of November and is valid by bank transfer of the full fee amount on the account of the organizer within registration period - and is non-refundable. If there is no cash receipt in time, the pre-registration is not valid and the day extra charge has to be paid.
Cancellation of the ConCard (possible until 16th of November) there will be a penalty of 10 EUR. In case of non-attendance the card is one-time transferable. In case of non-attendance of a single-ticket there will be no recompense, with cancellation (until 16th of November) there will be a penalty of 20% of each pre-registered tournament but with a maximum penalty of 5 EUR.


InterCityHotel Celle
The STCCG Convention takes place near Hannover in the youth hostel of Celle. Celle can be reached by (local) train from Hannover (30 min.), Hannover can be reached by ICE (fast train) and by plane at the Hannover Airport. Furthermore you can come with car, parking space is available for free.

InterCityHotel Celle
Nordwall 22
29221 Celle

Tel.: +49-5141-200-901
Email: reservierung@celle.intercityhotel.de

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